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Single-channel HD video with sound and object

He wrote in a blog entry that he went to Fukushima Prefecture last October and again in March to gather soil.

He indicated to take a solitary stand against moves to restart idled nuclear reactors. “I am a lone wolf,” one entry reads. “I will not hesitate to commit a terrorist act to stop restart”, says another.

On-the-ground travelogue through the traditional and modern landscapes of Japan. A layering of polar opposites—rural and urban, old and new, natural and artificial—for which modern Japan is famous. Interwoven with news fragments and blog entries of an act of drone activism: of a radioactive drone found on the Japan PM’s office roof.


Drawing near by calling names

Single-channel HD video with sound

“My friend Sotades, […] representative of the obscene and inventor of the palindrome.”

One of the largest cases -, or the largest of its kind in the history of Dutch law. A convicted sex offender as university guest lecturer and protesters dismissed as white trash. Spectacle and spectators, excitement and boredom, and an unlikely symmetry of different protagonists in their attempts to speak neither aggressively nor defensively, but as equals with the world.

With Benno L., protesters, VU university students, staff and security.

In collaboration with Charlotte Rooijackers.