Gray Magazine 5: The Archive – Speaking of Images (out loud)

Offset print, edition: 1500

After being asked to bring order and structure to a vast collection of 20000 slides catching dust on the shelves of Andre Klein’s (then head of the applied arts department at the Sandberg institute) home, Rana Ghavami and I were inspired to do a bit more; to take the collection off the shelves and beyond the grey walls of the classroom.

The slides were digitally scanned and structured as originally on the shelves. We invited people from different fields to have a look, for new interpretations and to lecture these at a one-day event. After transcribing, the lectures have been edited into a printed report of the day, forming one part of the magazine. The other part consists of a conversation with Andre Klein and a glimpse into his archive through the form of a poster. A further conversation with a specialist in photographic reproduction discusses the aging process of the slide and how current technology renders the analogue archive obsolete.